Transline Technology Inc.



Capabilities at a glance
‣ 1-24 layers
‣ Minimum line/space .004” (.003 in selective areas)
‣ Rigid, Rigid-Flex, Flex, and Hybrid PCBs
‣ RF/Microwave specialists
‣ Materials: FR-4, PTFE, Aluminum, Tetra-functional, Multifunctional, Polyimide, Teflon (RF), Duroid, Cynate Ester, Kapton, Ceramic and others
‣ Sequential lamination
‣ Buried/Blind Vias
‣ HDI Via fill
‣ External Heat Sinks
‣ Edge Plating
‣ Test to net list
‣ Lead time 24 hours (up to 8 layers)
‣ 2-3 week standard lead time
‣ We Stock:  FR-4, Rogers, Taconic and Arlon materials
‣ Fusion bonding
‣ Oversized Panels
‣ Contract manufacturing services
‣ Off shore procurement services
Basic Minimums and Tolerances

Layer Count: 1-24 layers 

Standard Panel Size: 18" x 24"

Maximum Panel Size: 48" x 60" (larger upon special request)

Minimum Line Width/Space: .004” (.003” in selective areas)

Layer to Layer Registration: +/- .003”

Minimum Dielectric Thickness: .003”

Finished PCB Thickness tolerance: +/-.002” to .005” (depending on overall thickness)

Hole Location Tolerance: +/-.001”

Outer Dimension Tolerance: +/-.005”

Warpage (flatness of FR-4 board): .1 to .4%

Minimum Space to Edge Connector: .005”

Pad to Hole

Minimum Plated Hole Size: .008” (Finished)

Plated Hole Tolerance: +/-.002” to .001” 

Nominal Finished Hole Size: 008”

Min. Outer and Inner layer NPTH to Trace Spacing: .005”


Available Finishes

‣ Hot Air Solder Level

‣ Fused and Non-Fused Tin/Lead

‣ Selective Tin/Lead

‣ Full Body and Selective Nickel and Gold

‣ Immersion Tin

‣ Immersion Silver

‣ Immersion Gold

‣ Electrolytic Hard and Soft Gold





Minimum Drill Size: .008”

Maximum Drill Hole Size: .257” (Larger holes are routed)

Minimum Aspect Ratio: 15

Testing Capabilities

Minimum Component Pitch: .007

Volts: 250 V

Current: %0 mA

Resistance-Low: .100 ohm

Resistance-High: 10 ohm



‣ MANIA Speedy Test System MPP4504

‣ Flying Probe Test Systems



Transline Technology, Inc. (TTI) offers extensive capabilities in the design and manufacturing of high-performance, high-reliability printed-circuit boards (PCBs) of all kinds, including analog, digital, high-frequency RF/microwave, and hybrid mixed-signal PCBs. Whether it is a circuit design concept, a design that is complete, or one that is partially finished, TTI’s design engineers can assist in achieving mechanical and electrical goals in terms of miniaturization, reliability, and size, weight, and power (SWaP) to support commercial, industrial, medical, and military PCB applications.

Creative and innovative circuit designers are backed by manufacturing and production engineers with the experience and expertise to transform the most challenging circuit designs into repeatable, reliable PCBs even when fast turnaround times are critical. Working with rigid, flexible, and rigid-flex circuit materials from leading suppliers, TTI’s PCB manufacturing professionals can produce circuits with as many as 24 layers based on any combination of circuit materials, including FR-4, PTFE, and ceramic substrates. TTI can deliver PCBs with as many as eight layers in as little as 24 hours, meeting tight tolerances for circuit lines and spaces in support of millimeter-wave frequencies to 80 GHz and beyond. With a full range of in-house production capabilities, including drilling, plating, and finishing, TTI is SDB 8(a) and AS-9100 Rev. D certified, UL listed, and ITAR registered and produces high-quality RoHS-compliant boards that are fully characterized for the highest reliability by means of complete on-site testing.