Transline Technology Inc.


Efficiency and Optimization


Transline Technology, Inc. (TTI) designs, fabricates, and mass-produces printed-circuit boards (PCBs) of all kinds, from audio frequencies through RF, microwave, and millimeter-wave frequencies and with analog, digital, and power-supply circuits. PCBs can be composed of rigid, flex, and rigid-flex circuit materials separately or in any combinations, using circuit materials from leading materials suppliers including DuPont, Isola, Nelco, Rogers, and Taconic. (Learn more about the benefits of each PCB type, such as how flexible circuits can simplify installation into tight packages, in the downloadable white paper.) Working with select partners, TTI’s circuit designers work closely with customers to add whatever is needed to complete a design, to transform software CAD/CAE circuit designs into single-layer prototypes or multilayer circuits with as many as 24 layers and board sizes as large as 48 × 60 in.

TTI’s manufacturing engineers help customers reach the most demanding sets of design goals in terms of electrical, mechanical, and thermal requirements, translating the densest circuit layouts into practical, cost-effective PCBs. They provide the skills required to produce highly repeatable, reliable PCBs, with access to the latest drilling, machining, and plating equipment to achieve the circuit lines, spaces, and tolerances for PCBs capable of high-speed digital operation and in support of high-frequency circuits working to millimeter-wave frequencies to 80 GHz and higher. TTI’s engineers also work with a customer to define the standard and automated testing, including thermal and environmental testing, needed to ensure the highest performance and reliability for each PCB, achieving 100% reliability. And they meet the most demanding production schedules, with turnaround times as fast as 24 hours for PCBs with as many as eight layers.